Today, Virginia Senate Democrats remark on the historic budget passed today, and the effect it will have on every Virginian.

Finance & Appropriations Chair Janet Howell said: “I am so proud of the incredible work my fellow budget conferees, House and Senate money committees staff, and all members of the General Assembly have completed on the spending plan approved today. We have been able to significantly increase funding for many high-priority programs, focused on making wise investments in Virginia’s people and our future.“We have also made record investments in education at all levels, from pre-k through higher education. Educators and state employees will receive five percent raises each year plus a bonus in time for the holidays. Investments in human services are long overdue, especially mental health and provider rates.”

Majority Leader Dick Saslaw said: “The bipartisan budget passed today strives to ensure every Virginian has the opportunity to succeed and live a prosperous life. This spending plan reflects the priorities set out by Senate Democrats at the beginning of the 2022 General Assembly Session: strengthening our economy by investing in workforce development and uplifting our students with critical investments in public education, including funding for school renovation and innovation. Additionally, we approved funding to address the growing need in community mental health and for gun violence prevention. We put our money where our mouth is and worked together to do what is best in the post-pandemic recovery. This biennial budget is a win/win for Virginians across the Commonwealth.”

Caucus Chair Mamie Locke said: “When Senate Democrats came to the bargaining table on the budget, we had a different table in mind–Virginians’ kitchen tables. In the plan, we are helping families across the Commonwealth not only with covering basic needs like housing, food, and healthcare but also providing a world-class education for every student–no matter their zip code, background, or ability. The scope of this budget is unprecedented, and I am proud of the steps we have taken through it toward a more inclusive, fair, and prosperous Commonwealth.”