Following the news that South Carolina’s governor has signed a six-week abortion ban into law, Virginia Democratic Senators released the following statements: 

Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Mamie Locke: “This is not a surprise. These abortion bans have been overwhelmingly passed and signed into law by men. These are the same types of MAGA Republicans who want to cut health care and social services for the poor, who would rather interfere in the private health care decisions of women than support children in need. Virginia is now the only state in the South that protects abortion rights and the freedom to make reproductive health care decisions without invasive government interference. Virginians should vote like their reproductive rights depend on it, because they do.”  

Senator Creigh Deeds: “These abortion bans are out of step with what the vast majority of Americans want. Just like in Virginia, the majority of South Carolinians want to protect reproductive freedom. This draconian new abortion ban will not only hurt South Carolinians, it will strain doctors and providers in Virginia while making it harder for women across the Commonwealth to get the health care they need.” 

Senator Jeremy McPike: “Virginia Republicans have made it perfectly clear that they want to follow their counterparts in states like South Carolina and pass dangerous new abortion bans. Senate Democrats in Richmond have blocked their dangerous agenda. Today’s news is just the latest sign that Virginians’ freedom to make their own private health care decisions will be on the line in November.”

Senator Adam Ebbin:“Virginia Democrats believe that everyone deserves the right to make their most personal health care decisions without government interference. It’s sad to see extremist Republicans in states across the country ignore the will of their voters and pass abortion bans that will put women at risk. As the last state in the South with protections for reproductive freedom in place, it’s critical that Virginians come together to stop Republican extremists who will vote to ban abortion if they take power.”